GEKO Graphics: For all your print and imaging needs!

From digital and litho print production to Packaging to Point of Sale (POS) to Production, Typesetting, Page Layout & Design support, GEKO Graphics Inc. is your -One Stop Shop- for all your print and digital imaging needs.

  • Litho Print

    Litho Print

    Lithographic printing results in superior print quality on paper, plastics and board. Lithographic printing offers the flexibility to handle everything from short to short to long runs.

  • Digital Printing

    Digital Printing

    For smaller print runs and quicker turn-around times, digital printing gives you both great flexibility and superb quality.

  • Retail Displays

    Retail Displays

    Custom-designed lighting display. One-piece construction, digitally die-cut and printed.

  • Packaging


    Gift-wrapping, no matter how simple or elaborate, is customer service—tangible, decorative customer service.

  • Flexo Print

    Flexo Print

    Flexo printing is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plates. It can print on almost any type of substrate, including plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper. It is widely used for larger label runs found in the packaging industry.

  • Publications


    From one color to full color, we print prize-winning publications.

  • Silk Screening

    Silk Screening

    Silk Screening, no matter how simple or elaborate, is customer service—tangible, decorative customer service.

  • Promotional Materials

    Promotional Materials

    We handle everything from buttons to novelty pens, T-shirts to shopping bags!

  • Laser Cutting

    Laser Cutting

    Gain a competitive advantage with everything from simple rectangular signs to impressively complex shapes. Automation results in faster turnaround and lower cost.

We Offer

All sorts of Imaging options from letterhead to outdoor signage, from vinyl banners to light up LCD digital badges. Seriously, with over 20 years of experience in the graphics business, we have printed pretty well everything.

We understand and know how to deal with the imaging challenges of the various medias that are used today. We will make it look good no matter what the medium is, whether it is traditional litho printing, flexography packaging, large format bilboard, web offset magazine or newspaper ad or a digital ad on a interactive mall kiosk, we will make your image look fantastic and work to support your brand.

That’s why working with a one-stop-shop like GEKO Graphics Inc. has terrific benefits. With one call you can be sure that your image is consistent with your branding.


Our overhead is low, while our roster of suppliers is huge. The result: incredibly competitive quotes and production of the highest quality. The only billing surprises are pleasant ones.


We understand production inside and out. We recognize the importance of rigorously adhering to brand guidelines. We know how to deliver on design goals. Together, that means the job gets done right – on time and on budget.


Our deep network of suppliers and partners means we can turn around huge jobs in tight timelines – without compromising quality.


Every job is different. Our business structure lets us cherry-pick specific talent and equipment for each job. This means you get the right expertise at the right price every time.


We go further on your behalf – whether it’s getting suppliers to sharpen their pencils, or proposing innovative ideas that will maximize your budget and your impact.